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Susan Fazio May 3, 2018

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Sometimes good news brings with it challenges. A new job or promotion to another area can mean positives for the family. However, it may require moving unexpectedly and quickly. This is not uncommon, but there are ways to deal with this challenge.

When a client finds themselves needing to sell their home quickly, here is the advice we give them:


  • Contact your trusted realtor
  • Take an inventory of your belongings
  • Consult your realtor for quick home repairs and fixes
  • Start transfers of school and medical records
  • Contact utilities to prepare transitions
  • Identify and contract a mover
  • Consider hiring a home staging professional
  • Work with your realtor to value, attractively price, list, and market your home for sale


Let’s take a closer look at the steps to sell your home fast.

Contact your trusted realtor

The first call needs to be to your realtor. Why? They can help you with how to navigate the process—this might be your first time selling a home quick, but it probably is not their first time. They will know what to expect and what to do. Having a calm advisor on your side is invaluable.

Take an inventory of your belongings

Take a good look at your belongings—is everything coming with you? Furniture or unworn clothing can be sold or donated. Now is a good time to simplify or renew. This can be a positive experience to de-clutter. Think of the proverbial glass being half full.

Review your home for quick repairs and fixes

Importantly, walk around your home and consider quick fixes and repairs. Your realtor can help in this process pointing out things you might look past, buyers won’t miss. Your realtor can identify resources to help make the fixes. What are fixes? Cleaning, painting, repairing leaks, drywall holes, landscaping, and more. A great realtor can guide you through what matters and what doesn’t.

Start transfers of school and medical records

Often overlooked, but also important is moving records such as school and medical. A call to the doctor’s office and the school district can get this done. There may be other things that your realtor can remind you about specific to your town.

Contact the utilities to prepare transitions

Make calls to your utility providers to understand the transfer process, deposit returns, and equipment returns. This is another process your realtor should be very familiar with. If this is your first big move, it is best to consult them on this as well as they should be very familiar with the common providers in your area.

Consider hiring a home staging professional

While working with your realtor you may want to recruit a home staging professional to make your home more enticing to potential buyer. This can have a significant impact on the sale price. Having a well organized home with the right colors will really make it stand out. Today, more than ever, buyers are looking for “turn-key” homes.

Identify and contract a mover

Your realtor can also point you to reliable and trustworthy moving companies. Don’t wait until the last minute to identify, interview, and contract/schedule the movers.

Work with your realtor to value, attractively price, list, and market your home for sale

Most importantly, start working with your realtor as soon as possible on valuing, pricing, listing, and showing your home. Your experienced realtor has done it before and can guide you through the process quickly.

These steps should get you started on the road to a successful transaction. Yes, selling your home quickly can be a daunting challenge, but it can be managed by working with a great realtor.


About Susan Fazio

With twenty years of real estate sales experience and an award-winning career as a top local realtor, Susan’s expertise has led her to be named a top agent in all of Somerset County. Susan covers Somerset and Morris counties in Central New Jersey, specializing in the Basking Ridge/Bernards Township, Bernardsville, Bedminster, Warren Township, Peapack-Gladstone, Far Hills, Mendham, Harding Township, and Bridgewater communities. She lists and sells in all price ranges from condos to luxury homes and is available to you 24/7 to answer questions and assist in accomplishing your real estate goals.

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